Captain Jack believes in a liveable environment and supports local initiatives as much as possible that improve the liveability, with respect to the living environment, relaxation as well as social interaction.

Captain Jack maximises local employment. We want to attract as many employees as possible from the surrounding communities to limit commuting.

In addition, we work as much as possible with local merchants, manufacturers and partners. In doing so, we also want to boost employment in the region.

Local ties


The entire theme park will be developed sustainably, pursuing carbon neutrality during its construction.

Captain Jack invests in renewable energies and focuses on reusable materials, reduction of waste flows, rainwater recovery and water treatment. There will also be sustainable greenery, shade areas and ponds. Paved surfaces will be avoided as much as possible.

Hospitality-wise, employees and visitors will be offered local and healthy meals and beverages.


Captain Jack encourages the use of public transport and bicycles. For this purpose, the theme park is ideally located next to the future De Lijn bus yard and alongside the bicycle highway.

In addition to a large bike shed, the car park will also feature spaces for shared vehicles and charging stations for electric bicycles, scooters and cars.


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