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Captain Jack – the world’s very first aviation themepark

Captain Jack is a total aviation experience, the perfect mix of recreation, sport, play, culture and education. 
Captain Jack allows children, youths and adults to actively discover and explore the world of aviation.

In addition to an educational experience centre, sports facilities, a hotel and theatre, Captain Jack also features an indoor adventure park for children.

Jack Schoepen, initiator of this project, grew up in Bobbejaanland and learned the tricks of the trade at his parents’ family park.

Het eerste luchtvaartthemapark


As soon as Captain Jack gets the green light, the project will be developed in phases, focusing on local ties, sustainability and mobility. 

A first phase will include a skydive and a climbing hall, and the once-only landing of two Boeings 747. One aircraft will be converted into a hotel, the other will feature meeting rooms. The subsequent elements of Captain Jack will be added gradually.

The total development of the theme park will take 10 to 15 years.

Jack Schoepen and his crew are working on the first Captain Jack theme park at a 5-hectare site. In the coming period, they hope to obtain the necessary permits to make this project happen.

From 2024

Permit phase

From 2024

From 2025

First phase

Skydive, climbing hall, two Boeings 747: one for meetings and one for overnight stays.

From 2027

Next phases

Phase 2: indoor aviation theme park

Phase 3: sports facilities + offices + food market

Phase 4: science experience centre

Phase 5: hotel Phase 6: panoramic tower

Phase 7: theatre

From 2027

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