Aviation Adventure park set for construction in Belgium

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At the IAAPA Expo Europe show in Paris the all-encompassing Captain Jack concept was presented to interested planners and investors from all around the world for the first time. The concept for a five hectare aviation adventure park complex, based on an idea from Jack Schoepen, son of the late singer and Bobbejaanland park founder Bobbejaan Schoepen, is set to first become a reality in Belgium. At present there are three locations under consideration for the project.

The construction of the theme park is scheduled to take place in several phases. The Captain Jack team is first planning the renovation of two Boeing 747s, formerly the world largest passenger aircraft at 20 meters tall and 70 meters long. One of the 747s will be converted into a hotel with seven guest rooms, while the other will be fitted two meeting rooms and three large conference rooms. The first construction will be rounded out with an Actiflow indoor skydive facility and an indoor climbing hall with an aviation theme.

The second construction phase includes the creation of an indoor park with 25 attractions for children up to the age of twelve. The company spokesperson Elke Vandersypen explains. "We are also developing our model together with P&P Projects, the company that designed the park. In addition, we have already established good contacts with numerous suppliers from the amusement industry regarding the attractions, although we haven't signed any contracts yet."

Inside Captain Jack's indoor park kids will simultaneously find out about the history of aviation in fun and adventurous ways. A solar-powered restaurant featuring a large glass front viewing the play area will also be located directly adjacent to the indoor park, allowing children to immerse themselves in Captain Jack's edutainment world on their own while their parents keep a relaxed eye on things from the restaurant.

Additional construction phases are planned with the construction of a four-star hotel with 150 guest rooms in the 50s/60s style, a 45 meter high "Sky Tower" with hands-on installations for exploring aviation's physical phenomena, and the "Bobbejaan Hall of Fame", a 1000-seat theater and permanent exhibition highlighting the Belgian musician and entertainer Bobbejaan.

A monorail running five meters above the ground is set to connect all of the buildings in the complex with one another, along with a connection to the next nearby public transportation facility. The cost estimates for the project in Belgium suggest an investment volume of between 100 and 150 million Euros financed by private investors and through government loans and subsidies.

Source: EuroAmusement Professional magazin

Author: Luzie Probst